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A Best-Selling

Book by

John W. Warner, IV

From John W. Warner IV — former pro racing driver and son of Senator John W. Warner III (Ret.; R-VA), former Secretary of the Navy and Chairman of the Armed Services Committee and Catherine Mellon,  — comes a gripping WW II historical novel about espionage, covert tech, and a high-octane, madcap love affair during the height of Grand Prix racing and the rise of the Third Reich. 

In this debut novel, Warner masterfully interweaves a fictional adventure within factual reportage to disclose the hidden history of technological inventions that powered high-performance cars, planes and war machinery of the 1930s and 40s - and the prominent leaders who exploited them.

An Historical

Novel by

John W. Warner IV


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About John

John W. Warner IV is a writer and gentleman farmer whose passion for history, vintage cars and the unsung heroes of WWII has inspired two large-scale creative ventures:  a DVD documentary series on the early bootlegging days of NASCAR, The Golden Era of NASCAR, and a multi-part book series, Little Anton.

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Top Secret:

A Christmas Missive from Lady Bea


… a historical thriller… a propulsive war story. 

Engineers across Europe … refuse to sit idly as the Germans steamroll the Grand Prix—and some suspect that they’re using their new technologies in warlike ways… The author offers loving details about the Royal Air Force’s Hurricane Mk I (“Time to 15,000 FT: 6.3 MIN”), and about Me-109 fighters, which come equipped with “the newest and most powerful version of the Mercedes 601 engine.

Enter Lady Beatrice “Bea” Sunderland, an Englishwoman who loves speed—and especially, piloting fast airplanes. She’s recruited by the British government to infiltrate German racing’s inner circle and find out just what sort of schemes may be under way involving new tech. It turns out that the schemes are many, indeed, and it’s also revealed that the Nazis have ties to American industrialists and even the Illuminati; they also seem to be obsessed with occult practices. Sunderland undergoes rigorous training before embarking on her adventure, but will it be enough to save her and her country from the wicked forces at play?” 

- Kirkus Reviews - 

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