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A Best-Selling

Book by

John W. Warner, IV

From John W. Warner IV — former pro racing driver and son of Senator John W. Warner III (Ret.; R-VA), former Secretary of the Navy and Chairman of the Armed Services Committee and Catherine Mellon,  — comes a gripping WW II historical novel about espionage, covert tech, and a high-octane, madcap love affair during the height of Grand Prix racing and the rise of the Third Reich. 

In this debut novel, Warner masterfully interweaves a fictional adventure within factual reportage to disclose the hidden history of technological inventions that powered high-performance cars, planes and war machinery of the 1930s and 40s - and the prominent leaders who exploited them.

An Historical

Novel by

John W. Warner IV


Why Little Anton?

Your Perfect Gift for any Season

John W. Warner IV’s smart, sexy WWII spy series Little Anton is now available as a limited edition box set. A perfect reading escape for yourself or a friend/ loved one on your gift list!


About John

John W. Warner IV is a writer and gentleman farmer whose passion for history, vintage cars and the unsung heroes of WWII has inspired two large-scale creative ventures:  a DVD documentary series on the early bootlegging days of NASCAR, The Golden Era of NASCAR, and a multi-part book series, Little Anton.

Sequel Coming Soon

Top Secret:

A Christmas Missive from Lady Bea


I bought your book last night and started reading it through - I was hooked. My goodness, what you have put together is phenomenal. Chapter 108 made me stop for a minute. Then read it again. Wow.


To read your book with the idea that this may be truth delivered via 'fiction' actually shook me deeply. I haven't felt like that for a very long time. The section where you relate the 13 families and the Council of 300 casually to your own lineage is exceptionally brave. My jaw was on the floor. You've blown my mind and validated much for me. ” 

- Jean-Luc Infini, United Kingdom - 

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