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A Best-Selling

Book by

John W. Warner, IV

From John W. Warner IV — former pro racing driver and son of Senator John W. Warner III (Ret.; R-VA), former Secretary of the Navy and Chairman of the Armed Services Committee and Catherine Mellon,  — comes a gripping WW II historical novel about espionage, covert tech, and a high-octane, madcap love affair during the height of Grand Prix racing and the rise of the Third Reich. 

In this debut novel, Warner masterfully interweaves a fictional adventure within factual reportage to disclose the hidden history of technological inventions that powered high-performance cars, planes and war machinery of the 1930s and 40s - and the prominent leaders who exploited them.

An Historical

Novel by

John W. Warner IV


Why Little Anton?


About John

John W. Warner IV is a writer and gentleman farmer whose passion for history, vintage cars and the unsung heroes of WWII has inspired two large-scale creative ventures:  a DVD documentary series on the early bootlegging days of NASCAR, The Golden Era of NASCAR, and a multi-part book series, Little Anton.

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Little Anton Sequel:

Top Secret:

A Christmas Missive from Lady Bea


Little Anton is a riveting World War II espionage series... 

The interplays between characters include deep, affectionate dialogue marked by gentle ribbing, highlighting relationships that evolved based on shared histories fighting a common foe. The emotional turmoil and potential risks that the characters face are palpable.” 

- Foreword Clarion Reviews - 

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